Rachel's Upcycles

Recent Pieces

Recent Upcycles

by Rachel Joyner

Here are some examples of Upcycle projects I have worked on. Nests of tables are a personal favourite. Everyone, no matter how small your space, has a little room for these items meaning everyone can have a little bit of unique artwork in their house even if wall space is limited.

I have a few items for sale so please contact if you'd like some photo's. Also, if you want to commission me to upcycle a piece of furniture for you, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Original Pieces

Where it Started

My First Upcycles

Where it all Started

by Rachel Joyner

My interest in upcycling furniture started with a project for my daughter where I joined two french style bedside tables to create a dressing table as a Christmas Present. I then went on to renew our own furniture then developed into creating pieces appealing to the general public.

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